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Stunt Coordinator

Shauna Duggins

Shauna Duggins

Shauna Duggins is the first woman to win an Emmy for Outstanding Stunt Coordination (two back-to-back in fact). And most recently, won the SAG award for her stunt work on the hit Netflix show GLOW.

Shauna just booked her feature directorial debut GUARDIAN with Voltage Pictures and producer McG. She is also a director on the next season of GLOW.

Duggins is highly respected and has deep talent relationships after doubling for the likes of Cate Blanchette, Cameron Diaz, Gwyneth Paltrow, Anne Hathaway, Charlize Theron and has been Jennifer Garner’s long time stunt double going back to “Alias” and in her latest action thriller “Peppermint."

Duggins’ impressive work as a stunt coordinator can be seen in such award winning television shows as "Game of Thrones", "Ray Donovan,” “Alias,” “Fringe,” Showtime’s new series “Kidding,” and many more. She has also been honored with numerous World Stunt Awards for her work on female driven action films “Charlie’s Angels” and “Fast Five,’ on which she is responsible for the fight choreography, and the car chase sequences.

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